Hydro isolation

Hydro isolation of buildings is a process when the building is protected from the action of water in order to prevent damage. Every part of the building that has the risk of coming into contact with water requires waterproofing. We offer several types of waterproofing systems.

  • Roof hydroisolation
  • Wall hydroisolation
  • Floor hydroisolation


Upper layer

  • P – polyethylene
  • S – Sand
  • B – basalt granules
  • A – Slate


  • E – Polyester
  • X – Fiberglass

lower layer

  • P – polyethylene

Bituminous membrane


Membrane with high performance polymer mass made with specific polymer APAO which makes them very flexible on low temperatures and very resistant on UV radiation and aging.

APAO mass makes this membranes especially elastic, easy to use in all climatic environment  and suitable for all applications.


Polymer – bituminous membrane which keeps optimal flexibility on low temperatures. Mass with SBS polymers and insert with reinforcement are resistant to physical/mechanical load. Mass produced is suitable for working with harsh climatic environment.


Polymer – bituminous membrane made with APP mass with quality of long stability on high temperature, and maintain  good flexibility in colder weather condition.

Insert  of polyester and glass wool contribute excellent resistant on physical and mechanical load and dimensional stability. Especially suitable for working conditions characteristics on high temperatures.


Polymer – bituminous membrane with self-adhesive surface allows installation without welding.

Suitable for easy usage at hydro isolation of flat roof in especially demanding situations during which measures safety do not anticipate or don’t allow usage of opened flame or when hydro isolation needs to be done over wooden surfaces or isolation panels.


Safety ALU is polymer bituminous membrane made with APP mass; thanks to insert of glass wool connected with aluminum looks like vapor barrier and prevents passage of steam, thereby preventing steam to damage isolation materials (diffusion of water steam μ=1.000.000).

PVC membrane

Polymer hydro isolation membrane is multilayered, synthetic hydro isolation membrane based on modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Such compounds are homogeneous and they are not subject to chemical aging. High elasticity, possibility of connection (welding) and resistance to frost guarantee easy installation practically in any weather conditions.

Izvor: www.waterproofing.rs

TPO membrane

TPO membrane is on basis thermoplastics polyolefin, compound of synthetics gum and polypropylene. This flexible membrane reinforced with polyester fibers net, unites gum resistance on atmospheric conditions with possibility of installation by hot process characteristic for thermoplastics materials. without harmful effect for human environment, which unites esthetics and marked resistance on ultra-violet radioation and atmosphere effects, and which ensure quality of connections.

Izvor: www.waterproofing.rs

Bituminous masses

Hot daub



Bituminous mass for making hydro isolation by hot process. TOPIZOL  is homogeneous mixture of  bituminous and filler.

TOPIZOL is used for making underground and overhead hydro isloations.

Cold daub



Daub based on bitumen and organic dissolvent. FIMIZOL EXPRESS is homogeneous mixture of bitumen i organic dissolvent, which ensure short drying time, and thus satisfies requirements of modern constructing.

FIMIZOL EXPRESS is used as previous daub for substrate application of hydro isolation, dusting, etc.



Bituminous spread in the form of a paste for hydro isolation by cold process. POLIFIMBITOL is one-component mass, without asbestos, made from  bitumen, polymer additive, organic dissolvent and filler. POLIFIMBITOL is used for cold process, in waterproofing

REFLEXFIM - protective spread


REFLEXFIM is one-component protective spread made of aluminum pigment, bitumen, polymer additive and organic dissolvent. REFLEXFIM is used for cold process, is used for protecting of hydro isolation of flat roofs from harm effect of UV – Sun radiation.

Liquid hydro isolation

  • Polymer – cement hydro-isolation
  • Polyurethane hydro-isolation
  • Acrylic hydro-isolation
  • Products for recovery


  •  SAFETY installation accessories
  • PVC metal sheet
  • Bituminous and PVC drain
  • Bituminous and PVC steamers
  • Complete materials for installation of PVC and bituminous hydro-isolation