Tegola Canadese

We offer You the widest and prestige program of bituminous TEGOLA present in the market. Our products, thanks to its high technical and aesthetics characteristics, they are able to satisfy most diverse project requirements guaranteeing resistance on atmospheric conditions, durability, no maintenance, simplicity and installation speed: authentic value of living in third millennium.


Metal line

Exclusive production technology by Tegole Canadese is able to give new values to covering material, antique and prestige, as it is cooper, providing to roof special refine look. Cooper usage started 2.500 BC, in the era when possession of cooper symbol of wealth. Even then architects founds how much that material is efficient: guarantee safety, durability and resistance.


Bituminous line

Roof is very important part of the building because it protects building from outside effects, and his look affects on look of whole building, so it is with practical purpose important his aesthetic meaning.

We are able to offer You wide range of shapes and shades from bituminous line of roof coverings Tegola Canadese,to answer all of your needs, both for quality solution for object protection, and improving aesthetic value.

Take a look on some of our products:



 For 75 years Onduline design and produce innovative solutions for roofs, facade, hydro isolation and construction works.

Our priority is creating products which are light, aesthetic attractive and highly quality, and at the same time meet the needs of final user. That is long lasting solution suitable for usage on all varieties of objects, as residential buildings, public institutions, hotels and resorts, agricultural objects, greenhouse etc.

OSB ploče

OSB plate is modern material which have wide use in constructing. These are multilayered plates made by sticking plywood (length of 95mm and width 0.65mm). Use of quality raw materials (pine wood) and careful drying during production gives plates their characteristic color. With OSB plates are possible, without problems, achieve all usual connections characteristic for wood.

Product Name

Nominal Thickness

Table dimensions

Number of plates on pallet


Moisture proof OSB plates

9 mm

2,44m x 1,22m


Moisture proof OSB plates

11 mm

2,44m x 1,22m


Moisture proof OSB - 3 plates

15 mm

2,44m x 1,22m


Moisture proof OSB - 3 plates

18 mm

2,44m x 1,22m


Moisture proof OSB - 3 plates

22 mm

2,44m x 1,22m


Roof foils

Roof foils (or more precisely  – vapor permeable-waterproof foils and vapor dam) are, only on first view, not that important construction elements. However,  it is about inevitable elements in today modern construction, because on most positions are not enough to install only isolation material.

Roof windows

VELUX is world leading manufacturer of roof windows with more than 75 years of experience.

Owns production plant in 11 countries worldwide, and direct sale are doing in 40 countries.
Presenting on of the strongest brands on global market.


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